Clear Moisture barrier bag

Moisture Barrier Bag protects moisture infiltration outer layer with package.

It has quad-layer-construction, ESD free polyester outer layer with Polyethylene layer, aluminum middle layer and anti-static polyethylene inner layer. Through this 4 layers composition, Moisture Barrier Bags not only protect humid infiltration inside the package, but barrier the electro static discharge to the contents inside the bag.

  • Available thickness : 0.08mm ~ 0.15mm
  • Color :Pink, Blue, Green, White
  • Surface resistivity: 107~ 1011 Ω
  • Decay time: Less than 0.02sec on 5KV
  • Applications : Package for ICs, PCBs and electronic parts



  • Provide excellent moisture and gas barrier
  • Suitable for vacuum packing
  • Transparent for easy identification of packed components
  • Size available: Customized
  • Packing: Size dependent


Other packaging bags

  • RS-ZL( small one in the picture) provides reclosable zipper for easy packing
  • RS-AB( lager one in the picture) provides excellent protective cushion for packed components.
  • RS-ATB( roll one) comes with perforated line suitable for auto-packing.