ESD Shielding Bag

ESD Shielding Bag has a triple –layer- construction, antistatic Polyester outer layer, aluminum middle and anti-static

Polyethylene inner layer. A durable polyester outer layer has anti-static Coating, so that static build-up is minimized and dissipative within a second. Micro thickness aluminum sheet plays another barrier against Static build-up from outside of package. Inner film is anti-static Polyethylene for protecting aluminum middle layer while providing used edges in the bag processing

  • Available thickness : 0.075mm
  • Color : Pink, Blue, Green, White
  • Surface resistivity: Inside107~ 1011 Ω ,Outside 10 9~10 11 Ω
  • Decay time: Less than 0.02sec on 5KV
  • Applications : Package for Semiconductors, ICs, PCBs and electronic parts