YJUS-series of PU Static Dissipative Clean Shoes are made of much more Du rable foamed PU (Poly Urethane) outsole by injection. The Shoes are lighter With shock absorption and more comfortable at less fatigue with nicer inner cushion. Especially excellent abrasion resistance of this shoes make less pa rticle generation even many washings. Environmental friendly developed clean room shoes. The PU shoes are newly developed in the market.

  • Size :210.215.220,225,230,235,240,245,250,255,260,265,270,275,280,290,


  • Weight : 435-485±50(grams/ pair)

*Heel : PU Fabric , 1.4m/m thick

*Heel Tape : Oxpord 210 17m/m thick

*Toe Cap : CARBONIC STEEL S50C 1.3m/m thick

*Sole : ESD Bio T/C + ESD PU Fabric

*Outsole : ESD PU Injection Sole

*Size: 225,230,235,240,245,250,255,260,265,270,275,280,285,290,295, 300,305,310(mm)

*S/R : 10e7- 10e9 ohms

Upper : PU Fabric , 1.5m/m thick + non woven 0.9m/m + ESD tricot

*Upper Tape : PU Fabric , 0.4m/m thick , 11m/m tape

  • Volume resistance : 10e6 – 10e8 ohms